Never Leave A Site Empty-Handed
By Mark S. Goldberg

     As consumers, all of us have had the experience of visiting a retail store and having no and not having a salesperson available to assist us. When that happens we have two choices; try to find what we need on our own, or leave the store without making a purchase.

     As web shoppers, all of us have experienced the same frustration of not being able to ask a quick question about a product or service, or to get the immediate assistance we need. Sometimes, before buying an item online, we just want to know if it's in stock, when it can ship, what the shipping charges will be, etc. On most web sites, the only way a potential customer can get this information or assistance is to phone or e-mail the company. Both choices can be very frustrating. Phoning usually means waiting on hold on the company’s voice mail system. E-mailing usually results in an answer that can take anyway from an hour to a week.

     It’s no wonder that in a recent Gartner Group study on the habits of web shoppers, it was determined that 67% of potential customers leave an e-commerce site in frustration, without placing an order. A software application that would enable a company to chat with a web site visitor, answering their questions and concerns instantaneously would be an excellent way to increase revenue, to minimize customer returns, and to insure superior customer service.

     Every company understands how important customer service is, but many don't know how don't to seriously address customer service on their web sites. If a customer is able to access a company’s customer service dept., and chat in real-time with a customer representative, that customer will become a satisfied consumer. We all know that a satisfied consumer usually becomes a repeat customer.

     In this day and age, any company who has a web site and wants to increase sales and give excellent customer support needs a way to interact with the public in real-time. There now is a software application that will allow a customer, or potential customer to chat real-time with a live customer service representative.

     AnswerChat™ is an affordable software application that enables a web visitor to chat with a live company customer service representative. This software application is easily installed in a company’s network. When it is installed, a button appears on the web site and all a visitor needs to do is click on that button to begin to chat, in real-time, with that representative. Using AnswerChat™, questions are quickly answered, orders are easily taken.

     Alpha Media Inc., currently located in Farmingdale NY, was started in 1996 by Mark S. Goldberg and his wife Madelyn Goldberg. Alpha Media Inc. specializes in affordable business productivity and communications software, and is the developer of AnswerChat™. AnswerChat™ is a low-cost service that enables live customer support to visitors of a company’s web site. More information and a Free 15-Day Trial is available at