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Moving the PinkNotes® Plus Master

To move a PNP Master from one computer to another please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the machine that currently has the PNP Master running on it and go into the PinkNotes® Plus About window and write down your registration information.
  2. Shut down the old PNP Master.
  3. Run the installation for the PinkNotes® Plus Master on the new computer that you want to put the PNP Master on. At the end of the installation DO NOT reboot the computer or startup the PNP Master.
  4. Then copy any *.mdb files from the computer that you currently have the PNP Master on to the new PNP Master. The *.mdb files are normally located in the folder "c:\Program Files\PNP4\Master\".
  5. Also, copy all of the individual folders for each username inside of the Master folder from the old machine to the new machine.
  6. Startup the new PNP Master.
  7. Once the new PNP Master is started you will need to go to each client and change the login address to point to the new PNP Master.
  8. Go to any PNP Client and click the right-mouse button on the PNP icon and select "Register PinkNotes® Plus..." and enter the same reg info you were using on your old PNP Master.
  9. It is highly recommended that you uninstall PinkNotes® Plus from the older master machine once you are sure the new master machine is working properly.

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