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PNP vs. AOL & Outlook

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Secure Business Instant Messaging Software

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions that we receive about PinkNotes® Plus v4. If a question that you have is not listed below please feel free to contact us.

Technical Questions

Pricing Questions


How do I download and install PinkNotes® Plus v4?
Click here to go to the installation instructions page.

What do I do with my registration code after purchasing it?
After purchasing a regsitartion code for PinkNotes® Plus you need to enter it into anyone of the PNP Clients. To do this click the right-mouse button on the PinkNotes® Plus icon in the 'Windows System Tray' (next to the Windows clock). In the menu that opens up select where it says 'Register PinkNotes® Plus...'. Next, in the 'Registration' window under 'Step 2', enter the exact registration information you received. Then click the button on the right side of that screen to complete the registration.
NOTE: this only needs to be done on one PNP Client.

I lost my registration code. How can I find out what it is?
Click here to receive your registration info by email.

I want to use the PinkNotes® Plus Client over the internet. How do I have to setup my network for this to work?
Click here to go to the instruction page.

I want to use PinkNotes® Plus with a computer that does not have a Windows operating system. Is this possible?
Yes, you can connect to your PNP Master through a browser (ie. Internet Explorer or Netscape). Just open up a browser and type your PNP Master's address in the URL box. The browser version of PNP will allow you to send and receive messages from any operating system.

I want to use PinkNotes® Plus Online through a browser over the internet. How do I have to setup my network for this to work?
Click here to go to the instruction page.

I have a web server running on the same computer as the PNP Master. How do I change the PNP Master web port to something other then port 80?
Click here to go to the instruction page.

How do I get into the PNP Master Settings?
All the settings on the PNP Master are controlled through any PNP Client that has a user login in with administrator access in PNP. To get into the Master Settings, you first need to find out which user has administrator access in PNP. By default this is the first user that was setup in PNP. If you do not know which user this is, go to any computer that has a PNP Client running on it, click the right-mouse button on the PNP Client icon in the Windows System Tray (next to the Windows Clock) and in the menu that opens up select "About PinkNotes® Plus...". In the PNP About window it will tell you who is your administrator. Either login to your PNP Client as the administrator or go to that persons computer. Then click the right-mouse button on the PNP Client icon and then select "PNP Master Settings...". Then type in the password of that user and click OK.

How do you upgrade from PNP v3.5 to v4?
To see instructions on how to upgrade from PNP v3.5 to v4 please go to the following page:

All the dates shown in PinkNotes® Plus have the month and day switched. How do you fix this?
In the US the most common short date format order user is month before day (i.e., M/d/yyyy). Outside the US many countries display the day before the month in the short date format (i.e., d/M/yyyy). If the short date format on the PinkNotes® Plus Master machine is setup in a different order then the format on the PNP Client machines then the dates will not display correctly in PinkNotes® Plus.

To check what short date format your PinkNotes® Plus Master is using please do the following. First, go to the machine that the PNP Master software is installed on. Click on the Windows Start button and select Run. Type in "regedit" and click OK. Go to the folder:

HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\International\

In that folder double-click on the key "sShortDate". Set this key to the desired short date format that you would like to use. Here are some examples, d/M/yyyy, M/d/yyyy, dd/MM/yy, MM/dd/yy.

NOTE: make sure the 'M' for Month is upper-case.

How do I stop a recurring Send Later PinkNote?
To stop a recurring Send Later PinkNote go to the users computer who setup the send later and then click the right-mouse button on there PinkNotes Plus Client icon in the Windows System Tray (next to the Windows Clock) and in the menu that opens up select where it says "View/Print Log...". Then select the Send Later folder and delete the recurring PinkNote.

I have a black box where the message text is supposed to be. How do I fix this?
Do a search for a file called "richtx32.ocx" (the file is normally located at c:\windows\system\). Once you find the file delete it. Then run the installation program for PNP again.

Does PNP work with Windows Vista?
Yes, PNP works on Windows 95, 98, NT4, 2000, Me, XP, 2003 Server, and Vista. For the PNP Master to work properly on Windows XP (SP2 and above) and Vista you may need to put an exception into the Windows Firewall settings to allow traffic for PNP to enter the PNP Master machine. Click here to see instructions on how to put an exception into the Windows Firewall.

How do I disable Phonebook Auto-Fill?
Click here to go to the instruction page.

How come when I create a new message I only see my username and no one else?
To add more users to your User List click the right-mouse button on the PNP icon in the system tray (next to the clock) and select "Your Settings...". Then select the "Users" tab at the top of the window. Now click on the "Add New Users" button. From here you can add any number of users to your User List.

How come when I go to View/Print my Log of messages there is nothing in the Saved folder?
When you receive a PinkNote, if you just click the "Trash" button when you want to remove the message from the screen the message will be sent to the "Trash" folder. However, if you click the "Save" button the message will be sent to your "Saved" folder. You can also pick what folder you want to save the message to by clicking the up arrow next to the "Save" button.

Why is the PNP icon in the System Tray flashing?
The flashing PinkNote icon means that you have new messages in the received messages window. To view these messages click the right-mouse button on the flashing icon and select "Open Message Window...". To send the messages back to the PNP System Tray just click the "X" (close button) on the top right corner of the received messages window.

I got an error message while using PinkNotes® Plus.
Please check the History page to see if the problem was fixed. If you cannot find it on that page please go to the Support page and report the error to us.

How do I setup TCP/IP on my network?
On your desktop right-click on the Network Neighborhood icon and select Properties. If you have TCP/IP already in the list box or TCP/IP->"Name of Network Card" skip the next paragraph. Click the Add button then Protocol, and Microsoft TCP/IP. Now select TCP/IP and click the Properties button. This will allow you to specify and IP Address. If "Specify an IP address" is not selected, then select it. Enter an address. For Example, we recommend as the first IP address. The next computer on your network should then be and the next should be etc. Leave "Subnet Mask" alone.

Does PinkNotes® Plus v4 require a server?
PinkNotes® Plus v4 works by sending all of its PinkNotes® through the master software. The PinkNotes® Plus Master software can be running on any computer that you can access from your network. This can be over the internet or on your local network.

How do I move a PNP Master to a new machine?
Click here for a detailed version of how to move your PinkNotes® Plus Master.

How many users can PinkNotes® Plus accommodate?
PinkNotes® Plus can be configured to accommodate any number of users on a PC network.

Does PinkNotes® Plus require a full or part-time Internet connection?
No, but it can be used over the internet or on your local area network. Because PinkNotes® Plus uses TCP/IP, it can be configured to work with Internet and Intranet networks that use IP addresses.

I am using an Internet gateway, proxy system, or fire wall to control access to the Internet. How do I configure the gateway so it doesn't interfere with PinkNotes® Plus?
Most internet gateways and proxies also act as a firewall to block unauthorized inbound and outbound traffic. Due to the fact that most gateways redirect all TCP/IP traffic towards them or replace the Winsock of the computer, they will block unknown communications unless they are advised and configured to allow PinkNotes® Plus communications. This is a security feature of your gateway and you should consult your gateway documentation for further details. Typical ports that gateways allow communication on are 80 (http), 21 (telnet) 23 (ftp) and a few other. The port that is required for PinkNotes® Plus to communicate is 9102 (by default).

How do I fix the error "dao360.dll did not register correctly during installation" or "Runtime error 429 ActiveX Component cannot create object"?
Go to Start, then click on Run and enter:
regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Dao360.dll"
then click OK. If the file dao360.dll is located in a different folder or drive change the information accordingly. If you do not know where the file is on your computer do a go to Start, then Find, Files. And enter dao360.dll in the search.

What is my public IP Address?
Click on the following link to see the public IP Address (the address of your computer on the internet) of the computer you are at. Public IP Address

How do I fix the "no route to host error"?
The no route to host error normally means that, your computer does not have the same first three numbers in its IP address as on the PNP Master. Each computer on your network should have the same first three numbers in its IP Address.

Is there anyway to get rid of the old Master logs?
Yes. On the machine/server where the PNP Master software is installed on, locate the PNP4Log folder (normally in c:\Program Files\PNP4\Master\). Inside of that folder, there is a seperate MDB file for each month. You can remove any of these files that no longer has its backup values.

How do I fix the error 'Cannot locate PNP Master at the address…', 'Run-time error 10013…', or 'Local PNP port 9102 is in use. You will not be able to use PinkNotes® Plus until port 9102 is free…'?
If you have McAfee SecurityCenter enabled on the same machine where PinkNotes® Plus is installed and are experiencing any of the above errors, you can try to resolve these symptoms by configuring its firewall settings properly:

  1. Open the windows McAfee SecurityCenter.
  2. Under the Home > Protection Status, locate Internet & Network, then click on Configure.
  3. In the right console that opens up, click on the Advaned… button.
  4. Under the Firewall settings, select Program Permissions.
  5. Locate any Program Names that say "Network Messaging Software" or "PinkNotes® Plus Master/Client", then enable Action that says Grant Full Access.
Remember, firewalls are a good thing, but if they are not properly configured, they can cause extreme frustration. Turn it off to test whether it is the cause of your problem. Note: Different anti-virus software programs, firewall settings vary.


How much does PinkNotes® Plus cost?
Click here to see the PinkNotes® Plus price list.

Are the registrations a one time fee or are there any future charges?
All registration prices are a one time fee. Once you purchase a registration code it will never expire.

How do I register PinkNotes® Plus?
PinkNotes® Plus comes with a 30-day free trial evaluation period. Once you have determined that PinkNotes® Plus meets your personal instant messaging needs, you have a choice of registration methods. You can register online right here at our web site using a major credit card. Or if you prefer, you can print an order form and fax or mail it us with your credit card information or check. To get started just go to the Purchase menu at the top of this page.


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