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Mind Your Mail™ FAQs

Q. I lost my registration code. How can I find out what it is?
A. Click here to receive your registration info by email.
Q. Does Mind Your Mail™ work with Windows XP?
A. Yes, Mind Your Mail™ works on Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, Me, XP and 2003 Server.
Q. I got an error message while using Mind Your Mail™. What do I do now?
A. Please check the History page to see if the problem was fixed. If you cannot find it on that page please go to the Support page and report the error to us.
Q. How do I download and install Mind Your Mail™?
A. To download Mind Your Mail™ simply click on the download button and follow the on-screen instructions. Run the setup program (MYM200d3.exe) and in minutes, you'll be sending ready to use Mind Your Mail™.
Q. Does Mind Your Mail™ require a full or part-time Internet connection?
A. No, using Mind Your Mail™ does not require any sort of internet connection at all. It can be used as a stand-alone, offline phone book. The following features of Mind Your Mail™ do, however, require an internet connection of some sort: Auto-Unsubscriber, Mail Sending, New Version Checks, and Invoice Printing.
Q. How do I fix the error "dao350.dll did not register correctly during installation" or "Runtime error 429 ActiveX Component cannot create object"?
A. Go to Start, then click on Run and enter:
regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Dao350.dll"
then click OK. If the file dao350.dll is located in a different folder or drive change the information accordingly. If you do not know where the file is on your computer do a go to Start, then Find, Files. And enter dao350.dll in the search.
Q. How much does Mind Your Mail™ cost?
A. Mind Your Mail™ costs only $89.95 per license.

Q. Are the registrations a one time fee or are there any future charges?
A. All registration prices are a one time fee. Once you purchase a registration code it will never expire. Some product updates may be subject to an upgrade fee.

Q. How do I register Mind Your Mail™?
A. Mind Your Mail™ comes with a FREE 30-day trial evaluation period. Once you have determined that Mind Your Mail™ meets your personal or professional mailing list needs, you have a choice of registration methods. You can register online right here at our web site using a major credit card. Or if you prefer, you can print the order form and fax or mail it us with your credit card information or check.


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