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Mind Your Mail™ History

Date Description/Changes Version Result
April 29, 2004
Added "Outgoing Mail Aunthetication" option in "E-Mail Settings"
Changed "E-Mail Settings" GUI to accomodate changes
Fixed "Key is not unique to collection" error when a compose group is checked while another is still loading
March 12, 2004
Increased Database Field Sizes to accomodate larger imports

NOTE: If you have version 2.00.04 or lower, and would like this upgrade, you will need the new version of mym.mdb database file.

This upgrade will clear your previous database data, so dont perform this upgrade unless you've experienced a "Runtime Error 76".

To Upgrade mym.mdb database file:
  • Shutdown Mind Your Mail
  • Click here to download the new database file
  • Over-write the existing mym.mdb
  • Re-Start Mind Your Mail
  • 2.00.05
    March 02, 2004
    Fixed duplicate e-mail sending that occurred on faster machines.
    Removed 100 E-Mail Block Sending Format.
    February 27, 2004
    Fixed 'Invalid Use of Null' error when toolbar search box is invisible and a toolbar button is clicked.
    February 20, 2004
    Changed configuration to send e-mails in batches of 100 at a time.
    February 12, 2004
    Fixed "Invalid use of Null" Error when listing recipients
    Minor fixes to Delimited Text Import
    February 11, 2004
    Initial Release

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