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Product Overview

    Mind You Mail is an extremely powerful marketing/communications tool no matter what your mailing list needs are. Whether used for personal or professional purposes, Mind Your Mail™ is the most powerful mailing list manager available. Store your contacts, organize them into groups, and click 'send'. Utilizing a vast array of features and options, Mind Your Mail™ will make sending your mailings a breeze.

Professional Use:
    Whether you work at home or at a large corperation, Mind Your Mail™ can handle all of your mailing needs. Establish LIVE Active-Links between Mind Your Mail™ and your company's existing databases to automatically maintain up-to-date recipient information. Merge e-mails with recipient information to customize and personalize each e-mail sent. Store HTML and plain-text templates for repeat mailings, generate eye-catching, interactive HTML mailings and preview the mailing content before you send it. Implement AnswerChat™ Live-Chat link chat links and let your mailing recipients contact you for live chat, and much much more.. View All Features  |  Download FREE Trial

Personal Use:
    Keep in touch with friends and loved ones more easily than ever before. Mind Your Mail™'s integrated contact manager will help you keep track of all of your contacts and their contact information. Mind Your Mail™ can even import your MS Outlook contacts with just a few clicks. Store as many personalized signatures as you want. Mind Your Mail™'s appearance can also be customized to fit your personality. Change colors, button styles, and much much more.. View All Features  |  Download FREE Trial

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