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Product Features

Security Features
    Password Protection
Mind Your Mail™ can be configured to prompt users for a password when trying to access any of 6 different aspects of the the application. Protect your contacts, their information, and yourself by enabling password protection.
    Encrypted Passwords
All passwords stored by Mind Your Mail™ are encrypted for extra security.
Recipient Features
    Import Recipients
Mind Your Mail™ comes complete with import wizards to facilitate recipient entries. Select to import from a delimited text file, or from your MS Outlook contact manager. Let the wizards step you through the import process and, in a few clicks, all of your recipients will be added to your Mind Your Mail™ Recipients Database.
    SQL Active-Links
An additional wizard comes integrated which will allow you to setup LIVE Active-Links between Mind Your Mail™ and your existing SQL Server. Do you have your existing mailing list information stored in an SQL database? Setup an Active-Link to that database, and (without importing) Mind Your Mail™ will retreive the current data from the database, and use it for your mailings (including E-Mail addresses, Names, Addresses, etc..). Using SQL Query statements, you can set Mind Your Mail™ to include any records you want from within that database... and it will ALWAYS be current.
    Search Recipients
Mind Your Mail™ offers an extremely easy way to search your Recipients Database. A search box located right in the main toolbar allows for quick access to the search feature.
    Pre-Defined Recipient Query Listings
Once your Recipient Database is populated, and full of Recipients, Mind Your Mail™ makes it a snap to list recipients based on certain criteria. List all Recipients at once, or use a query. Some of the pre-defined queries include: List Recipients Without an E-Mail address, List Recipients Added in last 1/7/30/60 day(s), List Recipients in Selected Groups, and many more.
    Automatic Unsubscriber (opt-out)
Some recipients may not want to be on your mailing lists anymore, and wish to opt-out. According to the FTC Anti-Spam Laws, you must provide your recipients a quick, easy way to unsubscribe themselves from your list(s). Let Mind Your Mail™ automate this process for you. Mind Your Mail™ can be used to check a specified POP3 e-mail box (ie.., download the messages, unsubscribe the senders of the messages, and delete the messages in the POP3 box.
    Recipient Groups
Organize your recipients into groups for a fast way to e-mail multiple people at once. Simply select the group(s) you want to send a mailing to, and all members of that group will be added to your mailing(s) recipient list.
E-Mail Composition Features
    Send HTML or Plain-Text E-Mails
We know your mailing needs vary from mailing to mailing. Thats why Mind Your Mail™ allows you to send mailings as either plain-text, or as an eye-catching, interactive HTML page.
    Customizable HTML / Plain-Text E-Mail Signatures
Each mailing you send may require that a specific signature be used. Mind Your Mail™ allows you to create as many different signatures as you desire. Whether they be plain-text or HTML sytly signatures, using the signature you want to is only a single-click away.
    Customizable HTML / Plain-Text E-Mail Templates
Some mailings you send out may look similar to an E-Mail you've already sent. Mind Your Mail™ gives you the ability to save a plain-text or HTML template and load during e-mail composition, where you can further edit any part of the template that needs to be.
    Attach Multiple Files to E-Mail(s)
Mind Your Mail™ give you the ability to attach multiple files to an E-Mail.
    Mail-Merge Variables
Mind Your Mail™ enables you to insert mail-merge variables into your mailings. The variables will be replaced by the associated value corresponding to each recipient (ie.. !#EMail#! will be replaced by the e-mail address of each recipient as the mail is sent to them). There are also variable that apply to the sender of the mailing (ie.. !#MYNAME#! or !#MYEMAIL#!). All of the mail-merge variables are available from a drop down list in the Composition, and Template windows.
    AnswerChat LIVE Chat Integration - AnswerChat Website
AnswerChat subscribers can easily add a LIVE Chat link to their mailings using the AnswerChat mail-merge variable. And text or HTML code between the !#ANSWERCHAT#! ... !#/ANSWERCHAT#! variables will be clickable. When the recipient of the e-mail click it, a chat window will appear for them to initiate a chat with you and your AnswerChat operators.
    Adaptive, Flexible Spell-Checker
Avoid potentially embarrassing typos by using Mind Your Mail™'s integrated spell-checker. The Mind Your Mail™ spell-checker can also be taught words, names, abbreviations, and much more..
    Detailed LOG File Generated for Every Mailing Sent
A detailed LOG file can be generated each time a mailing is sent including message information, recipient lists, time, date, and more..
Functionality Features
    Backup / Restore Database Information
Mind Your Mail™ icludes a utility which gives you the ability to backup your Recipients, Active-Links, Saved Mailings and Groups. This lets you be sure your Mind Your Mail™ databases are safe and secure.
    Update Checking
Mind Your Mail™ makes it easy to see if a newer version of your software is avilable. One click will tell you if you have the newest version, or if you are able to download an update.
    Start-Up Tips
Mind Your Mail™ offers a variety of Start-Up Tips to help you along with using the application. Use them for reference, or to learn about program usages you didn't realize existed.
Customization Features
    Customize Button Styles
Mind Your Mail™ lets you change the toolbar buttons to one of a variety of differnt styles. Select from WindowsXP buttons, Java buttons, Netscape buttons and many many more..
    Background Color Selection
Mind Your Mail™'s background color can be customized too! Either select your desired background color, or let Mind Your Mail™ assign a completely random color.

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