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PNP vs. AOL & Outlook

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Secure Business Instant Messaging Software

Network Layout

   The following diagram gives a visual explanation of how PinkNotes® Plus could be setup in your office (this is a typical layout and PNP does not have to be specifically setup like this). This layout shows a LAN (Local Area Network) to connect all of the computers in the office by use of TCP/IP. This network consists of 6 workstations (each work station can have any 32-bit version of Windows). Each computer has the PNP Client installed on it and one computer has both the PNP Client and PNP Master. This allows each computer to send and receive .

   This network has the computer with the PNP Master on it connected to the Internet. This allows computers outside the office to send and receive PinkNotes® from home or on the road. The Internet connection also has a firewall, with the port that PNP uses forwarding all traffic to the local computer that has the PNP Master on it (9102 by default).

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