Note: You are about to download a version of PinkNotes that is not the most current version!

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PNP vs. AOL & Outlook

Additional Information:
  PNP v4 User Manual
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Secure Business Instant Messaging Software

Download Free Trial

This is a FREE 30 day trial of PinkNotes Plus. This trial includes all the features in PinkNotes Plus and can be setup with any number of users. If you would like to keep using PinkNotes® Plus after 30 days, just come back to our website and purchase a registration code. If for any reason you do not want to keep using PinkNotes Plus you can uninstall it at anytime.

PinkNotes Plus v4.70 Download

This installation file includes both the PinkNotes Plus v4 Master and Client.
When you run this installation file you will be asked what you would
like to install at each computer (Master and/or Client).

Click here to download pnp470d3.exe (~12 MB)

Here are a couple of quick installation tips.

IMPORTANT: on the machine that you install the PinkNotes Plus Master software, if you have the Windows Firewall 'On', then you will need to add an Exception into the Windows Firewall settings for the PNP Master to function properly. Click here for instructions on how to do this.

In PinkNotes Plus there are two pieces of software. The PNP Master (which is the server side of the software) and the PNP Client. Only one computer on your network needs to have the PNP Master installed on it. On the rest of the computers, that you would like to be able to send and receive PinkNotes from, just install the PNP Client. If needed, you can install both the PNP Master and a Client on the same machine.

Click here for more detailed installation instructions and other installation options.

You can also use this installation file to upgrade any existing installations of PinkNotes Plus to the must current version.

If you already have PinkNotes Plus installed on your network and your PNP Master already has a registration code for PNP v4 and you just want to install PNP on a new computer or upgrade an existing computer, then you do not need to worry about the 30 day trial message above. Your installation will not time out after 30 days if your PNP Master already has a PNP v4 registration code.

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