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PNP vs. AOL & Outlook

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Secure Business Instant Messaging Software


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“...we have been using PinkNotes for the past eight years. We absolutely don't know how our office would run without it. We love everything about PinkNotes...”

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'Johannes C. Fure'
President Fure Financial

“...I must say that without a doubt PNP technical service is the best I've experienced in all my computer situations!”

'Deborah Dobson'
Dobco Enterprises Limited

“What a great product. I have used other office instant messaging products for years. No comparision. Your product does so much for the money. I have installed the demo on an off premise site and it works great. Keep up the great job. So far, your support has been very helpful on the phone.... Thank You!”

'Larry DeGeorge'
President Security Technologies

“The new version 4 is a wonderful improvement!! We liked version 3 and have used it for a while, version 4 has added so many new features and other improvements. Very well done! Keep up the good work.”

'Tim Hurst, Vines Automotive'

“ a month from now we will wonder how we ever survived without PinkNotes® Plus!”

'Keystone Hatchery'

“Suffice to say that PinkNotes® Plus is light years ahead of any other instant messaging client available.”


“THANK YOU. I've spent countless hours searching for a messaging program that worked with a post office or server so that a message can be sent without the recipient being logged onto our small office peer-to-peer LAN. Let's face it, a good share of the time when there's a need to send a message to someone is when they're not around, yet most messaging programs won't send to someone not logged onto the LAN at that instant.”

'Gary Williams'

“We love the program...It's nice to have an interaction with a software developer these days. I'll bet I couldn't talk with a Microsoft engineer.”

'Ray T.'

“Great Product!! Ever lost that big sale because you didn't get the message to call them? This product in part of the Paperless office we've all dreamed of!! Works great!”

'Rick Dirks'

“We would like to commend you for the excellent features and support in far exceeds our expectations with its new features and ease of use...When we first started using PinkNotes® Plus we found it to be a very powerful tool that filled a hole in our organization. Within hours of registering the program, we received a call from one of our clients, asking if we knew of a messaging program - PNP was immediately recommended.”

'Tim Meehle'

“An excellent idea and very innovative...”


“The versatility, ease of use, and multi-function capabilities of this program are amazing. The staff have all familiarized themselves with the features (which are so user-friendly!), and continuously remark on how great the program is! Reminders on little bits of paper are a thing of the past now, and telephone message NEVER get lost! This is possibly the most useful & basic office tool I have come across. An excellent program!!!”


“If there is anything this program doesn't do it is probably not worth doing.”

'Paul Rowlingson []'

“...your program is the most useful utility and best value I have ever seen.”

'Ray Cosgrove'

“Simply put PinkNotes® Plus was superbly easy to setup. From install to sending messages took under 2 minutes with a user friendly interface...PinkNotes® Plus is in a class of its own.”


“PinkNotes® is the BEST! We love this little program. We absolutely don't know how we would run our office without it. Those people still using E-mail to communicate with their internal staff or worse yet MSN or some other external program are missing the boat. PinkNotes® is where its at for running any workplace today.”

'Kerri Groves, Maxintegration'

“After trying several messaging programs we just declared PinkNotes® Plus the Program of choice for all our internal messaging needs.. Easy setup, easy to learn, and it does exactly what you want it to do. Deliver notes, deliver important notes, go into "Do not disturb" mode. And best of all, you don't have to worry whether your note was delivered. It works all the time and without problems it also collect messages for those users not signed in.. Great program!”

'Allan Oestergaard, Oestergaard Data'
“PinkNotes® is by far 'the' instant messaging software. It solved one of the multi-tier computer user proficiency problems that large companies like ours experience. The novice as well as the power user can immediately communicate across our wide area network with little or no instruction. This brings the agency together regardless of the distance between locations.”

'Bill Martin'
IT Director Drug Recovery Inc

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