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PNP vs. AOL & Outlook

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Secure Business Instant Messaging Software

PNP vs. AOL & Outlook

Comparisons between PinkNotes® Plus, America Online Instant Messenger, and Microsoft Outlook Email

How much does it cost?
  PNP: the cost per user is $29.95 per user
  AOL: free, but you need to pay to be connected to the Internet all the time, and annoying advertisements are always on your screen
  Outlook: $249-$449 plus you need to purchase email server software

How fast are messages delivered?
  PNP: Instantly
  AOL: Instantly
  Outlook: Email has to be checked periodically, so there is a delay

Can you send a message to someone who does not have their computer on?
  PNP: Yes, they will receive any new messages as soon as they start up PinkNotes® Plus
  AOL: No
  Outlook: Yes

Do you have to be connected to the Internet?
  PNP: No, but if you are, you can have multiple locations across the country (or world) sending messages between each other
  AOL: Yes
  Outlook: Yes, if you don't have a local email server

Do you have total control over who your employees can chat with?
  PNP: Yes. The PNP administrator can monitor all of the users.
  AOL: No, they can be chatting with friends outside the office
  Outlook: No, they could be sending emails to friends outside the office

Do I have to worry about any security problems?
  PNP: No, because you do not have to be connected to the Internet
  AOL: Yes, because you have to be online to use AOL Instant Messenger.
  Outlook: Yes, there are a lot of different types of email viruses

Can I see all messages that are sent in my office?
  PNP: Yes, administrators have the ability to view the Master Log
  AOL: No
  Outlook: Maybe, if you have this option on your email server software

Can I easily chat with multiple people at once?
  PNP: Yes, PinkNotes® Plus has a Conference Room chat feature
  AOL: Yes
  Outlook: No

Can I create messages that can be sent at a later date?
  PNP: Yes, you can create a message that can be sent at any future date and time (even on a repeat basis)!
  AOL: No
  Outlook: No

Can I do a one-click QUICK response?
  PNP: Yes, you can set up many different types of responses that let you reply to messages with one mouse click
  AOL: No
  Outlook: No

Can I keep a log of all messages that I send and receive?
  PNP: Yes, you can easily view and edit all of your messages. This is ideal for companies that need to keep a record of all of their phone calls.
  AOL: Yes, but not without installing additional (third-party) software
  Outlook: Yes

Will I receive spam messages from people who I do not know?
  PNP: No, only people you allow to connect to your master can send pinknotes to you.
  AOL: Yes, anyone with AIM can send instant messages to you.
  Outlook: Yes, anyone can send emails to you.

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