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PNP vs. AOL & Outlook

Additional Information:
  PNP v4 User Manual
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Secure Business Instant Messaging Software

Pricing & Registration

PinkNotes® Plus registrations are purchased on a 'per user' basis. A 'user' is defined as a user account created on the PinkNotes® Plus v4 Master. Users can be removed and new users can be created at any time, but the total number of users can never exceed the number of users you are registered for, unless you upgrade your registration.

PinkNotes® Plus v4 Registrations cost $29.95 per user for the first 100 users,
and only $24.95 for each additional user over 100 users.

A Registration is required for all PinkNotes® Plus Master installations after their initial 30 day trial period. A registration code can be purchased for any number of users and can also be upgraded to more users in the future. The purchase of a PinkNotes® Plus v4 registration includes free software upgrades for any revisions made to version 4. The purchase also includes any phone, email, or online chat technical support you may need.

NOTE: the purchase of a registration code is a one time fee and registrations never expire.

To purchase a registration code or upgrade an existing registration, please click here.

NOTE: Educational institutions and certain non-profit & charitable organizations may qualify for discounted pricing. Please contact us for more details.

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