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There are 5 simple steps to set up AnswerChat. It should only take a couple of minutes to set up and test AnswerChat in your office.
  1. Create your AnswerChat Account and Operator Name
  2. Download the installation program
  3. Install AnswerChat
  4. Sign In to AnswerChat
  5. Add AnswerChat button and code to your website pages
NOTE: The 15 day trial includes all of the features in the AnswerChat Pro version

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How did you hear about AnswerChat? (Please be as specific as possible. If you heard about us from a search engine, please include the name of the search engine, and the phrase you searched for. If it was a website, please include the name of the website and, if possible, the website URL. If it was a magazine or publication of any kind, please include the name of the magazine or publication. Thank you.)
NOTE: More Operator Names can be created for other people in your office once your account is setup

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