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Tips + Tricks - Generate More Chats on your site

Place your AnswerChat buttons near the top of the pages.
This is where a visitor is most likely to look when they are in need of assistance.

Place AnswerChat buttons on ALL of your sites pages.
A visitor shouldn't have to go all the way back to the 'home' page to request assistance.

Your AnswerChat button's color should differ from your site's color scheme.
If the button doesn't stand out, visitors may not be able to find the button when they need it.

Make sure you have a sufficient number of operators during your peak traffic hours.
Insufficient operators during peak hours will discourage many potential customers/clients from using AnswerChat on their next visit.

Include a clickable AnswerChat link in your E-Mails.
This will help your contacts obtain assistance without visiting your website first. This is a convenience that will save them time.

Notify (potential) clients that your site offers AnswerChat LIVE Chat.
LIVE Chat could mean the difference between a sale made, and a sale lost. Customers will feel more confident in your company if they can contact you directly, and easily.

Distribute a Press Release.
Let as many people know your site has AnswerChat LIVE Chat as possible.


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