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AnswerChat Pricing

    AnswerChat is FREE to use for the first 15 days. If you would like to continue using AnswerChat after the 15 day trial period, it costs ONLY $19.95(US) per month for the Lite version, $49.95(US) for the Standard version, or $89.95(US) for the Pro version.

    The monthly fee for the Standard or Pro versions allow you to have up to three (3) Operators. For more than three (3) Operators, each additional three (3) Operators will cost an additional $29.95(US) per month for the Standard version or $59.95(US) per month for the Pro version. Using more then one (1) Operator can only be done with the Standard or Pro versions of AnswerChat.

Examples of Monthly Pricing Breakdown
(All Prices in $US)

Number of Operators Lite Standard Pro
1 to 3 $19.95* $49.95 $89.95
4 to 6 N/A $79.90 $149.90
7 to 9 N/A $109.85 $209.85
25 to 27 N/A $289.55 $569.55

Compare: Lite vs. Standard vs. Pro
* Note: AnswerChat Lite is for one (1) Operator only.

If you would like to customize the AnswerChat chat window with your own company logo there is a one time setup fee of $250.00. Please contact us for further details.

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