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AnswerChat Product Overview

AnswerChat is a complete customer support tool and website chat program.

AnswerChat is a fast, reliable Customer Relations Manager (CRM) for any size business. Many of your website visitors are likely to be potential clients, and first impressions are everything. When your visitors see that they are able to chat with your staff right from your website, they will know you'll be there to assist them with sales, technical support, and much more.

With AnswerChat, when a customer visits your website, they can instantly see if someone is available to chat with them. And all they need to do to start a conversation with you is click on the AnswerChat button on your website. They do not need to install any software or download anything new. Plus, if no one is available to chat with your customer, they will automatically be sent to an online email form to easily contact you.

When someone wants to chat with you, a new window will open up on your computer (and a telephone sound will be heard if you have a sound card and speakers), showing you the person’s name and what page/screen they are visiting. You can then accept the chat, send the chat to the next operator in queue or a specific operator or your choosing, or send the visitor to an online e-mail form.

A unique AnswerChat feature also lets you change your Operator screen name before accepting a chat request. This is ideal when you might be answering from someone else's PC, or if you want to give the impression that your company has more operators than you might actually have.

For archival purposes, AnswerChat allows you to print the chat session to your printer, or copy-and-paste the chat text for use in other applications.

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