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AnswerChat FAQs

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Q. How do I know if I have the most current version of AnswerChat?
A. To check what version number you have now, click the right-mouse button on the AnswerChat icon and select "About AC / Check for Update".

Q. How do I change my AnswerChat version type from Standard to Pro?
A. To change your version type do the following:

        1. Click the "your account" button (In the left column click Login to Your Account)
        2. Login with your operator name and password
        3. Click on the link that says, "Check/edit your billing/profile information"
        4. Click the button that says, "Edit Billing/Profile Info..."
        5. Select the version type you would like
        6. Click the button that says "Update Account"

Q. Can I make my own AnswerChat button to display on my website?
A. Yes. To do this you need to make two separate graphics. One for when you have AnswerChat enabled and one for when AnswerChat is disabled. Then e-mail those graphics to and we will e-mail you back when they are ready to be used.

Q. Can I use AnswerChat on more then one website?
A. Yes, if you have multiple websites you can put the AnswerChat button on any number of websites and pages.

Q. How do I add more operators to my account?
A. First, to add an addition operator into an AnswerChat account, you must login to the AnswerChat software as the operator who is currently setup as your administrator. By default, your administrator is the first operator name that was created. Next, click the right-mouse button on your AnswerChat icon that is located in the Windows System Tray (next to the Windows clock) and in the menu that opens up select "Settings...". This will open up the AnswerChat Settings window in your web browser. Click on the "Operators" link, under the Account URL. Then click on the button "Add an Operator into this Account". Enter in the new Operators name and password, then click the "Save Operator List" button.

Q. Does AnswerChat keep logs of the chat conversations?
A. Yes, AnswerChat keeps a log of all conversations you have.

Q. How do I change the look of my AnswerChat window?
A. Go to "Your Account" and login. Select "Change your account or operator settings". Click on the "Display" link, under the Account URL. Select the color you would like to use to display your AnswerChat window. Then click the "Save Display Settings" button.

Q. What port number does the AnswerChat software use?
A. The AnswerChat client, on the operators side, uses port number 1999 with TCP protocol. The visitor/customer side of the chat does not need to free up any ports.

Q. How do the features of AnswerChat and AnswerChat Lite compare?
A. Click here, to see feature comparison and the cost comparison.

Q. How do I maximize the usage of AnswerChat on my website?
A. Click here, to view our 'Generate More Chats' checklist..

Q. What is the best way for me and my operators to chat with our clients/customers?
A. Click here, to view our 'Chat Etiquette' checklist.

For technical questions click here

Q. How much does AnswerChat cost?
A. Click here to go to the pricing page.

Q. How can I pay for AnswerChat?
A. Since AnswerChat is a service you are charged per month to use it, and all payments must be made only by credit card.

Q. Can I put my own company logo on the AnswerChat chat window?
A. If you would like to customize the AnswerChat chat window with your own company logo there is a one time setup fee of $250.00. Please contact us for further information on pricing and details.


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