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AnswerChat Features

Tip: Move mouse over the descriptions for more information Lite Standard Pro
Starting monthly cost
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(additional operators can be added to Standard or Pro versions at additional cost)

1 operator maximum
1 to 3 operators
1 to 3 operators
 unlimited chats for one low monthly fee!

 text chat with your website's visitors [screenshot]

 track visitors to your site(s) [screenshot]

 real time visitor counter box

 automatic greeting phrase

 customizable chat buttons and window

 chat buttons lets your visitors see if an operator is available

 automatic email form if an operator is not available

 accept chat, send to next operator, or send an email form

 automatically enable/disable at specified days and times

 automatic away message if all operators are not available

 push web pages/files

 send images in chat window

 email copies of chats to visitors

 email signatures


 repeat visitor indicator

 see what page a visitor is on before chatting with them

 see what search term(s) (if any) used and referring site(s)

 visitor chat names and emails saved automatically

 administer chats  

 chats can be spread-out among multiple operators  

 multiple chats can be open on one computer  

 specify routing of chats to operators  

 quick messages  

 quick links  

 chats automatically go to next operator if not accepted  

 forward chats to another operator (automatically or manually)  

 see status of all your other operators and who is chatting  

 view a log of all chats and visitors  

 see traffic and stats for your entire website  

 view reports of operator chat info [screenshot]  

 security option to block specific IP addresses starting chats  

 internal chat amongst operators  

 SSL 128bit encryption of chats    
 phone call requests    
 operators can invite a visitor to chat with them    
 administrators can send text to the chat window    
 additional website statistics    
 chat logs keyword search    

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